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Special Screenings & Panel Discussions

"A Whiteman Walks Into A Barbershop" has been screened all over the country at venues great and small!  


Often billed as a fundraiser for local grassroots organizations, the film is always followed by a thought provoking Q&A and panel discussion with the filmmaker along with local activists and community leaders, providing open dialogue and  conversations that continue on well after the lights go out.

Perfect for community groups, churches, universities and high schools looking to take the first step in bringing us all together.  

"From my personal experiences, most people who are categorized, racialized, or classified as white, even those who have a sincere interest in ending the blight of racism, also seem to have, just as genuinely, a paralyzing uncertainty concerning what they personally can do--beyond verbally expressing their concern about this national scrouge that is not surpassed by any other nation on earth. “A White Man Walks into a Barbershop” offers a unique vision of how one individual chose to become engaged physically and spiritually in the battle against anti-blackness. Not something to be specifically imitated or aped, “A White Man…” presents a clear model of what can be done by anyone who wishes to overcome the fear and anxiety that many whites have of personally engaging “others” --particularly black “others”—around the fiction of race.

What is observed is that, as weary and cautious as they are about white folk intentions, “others” in their own spaces are more than willing to engage and sincerely share their feelings, thoughts, and observations about whites and white supremacy--particularly, when detecting a sincere effort to understand racism from a perspective that those racialized as white can acquire in no other way."

                       -Mississippi Charles Bevel
                           Tony Award Nominated                                           Actor/Writer/Artivist


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